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About Carolyn Court

Carolyn Zacheis, writes under the pen name of Carolyn Court

     She has always been drawn to the history of lighthouses from around the world. She still marvels at the courageous lives of lightkeepers and she's fascinated by the heroic spirit they possess.

     Over the years she has seen numerous lighthouses in her travels to France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Turkey, Central and South America, The Galapagos Islands, The Caribbean, Bermuda, Canada, Tahiti and America, including Alaska and Hawaii. Her imagination flourished as she invariably took the path less traveled, but well worth the effort, to reach those storied towers in the sky.

     She is a current member of the United States Lighthouse Society as well as the Chesapeake Lights Chapter, which serves Virginia. This is where she and her husband share 5 perfect children. Now that they have an empty nest, she weaves romantic suspense novels under the Pen Name of Carolyn Court.

     Carolyn is a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Writers Guild.  She was a long time member of the Caribbean Tourist Board in Washington DC. This gives her knowledge and possible answers to weather-related issues that impact lighthouses and the surrounding area.     


     Information on Scotland for her romantic suspense series is based on her travels plus her attendance at The Scottish Tourist Board in Washington DC.

Hope you enjoy the journey!

- Carolyn