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Carolyn Court

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The Lightkeeper's Secret

Book 2: The Sea Crest Lighthouse Series

Their legendary fired-up love/hate saga had just turned into a genuine life and death situation.  Maggie and James had both vanished without a trace.

Maggie, is the now-famous, FBI Special Agent who passionately threw James into jail during his first interrogation.  After all, the wealthy snob not only expected special treatment, but he assumed he should deal with someone other than this outrageous redhead!  Did I mention, that the the handsome stranger was completely innocent?

Now the police and their friends both hope they don't kill each other before they are found.

he Lightkeeper's Secret, plus recipes, is the second book in the romantic suspense series, based in the Sea Crest Lighthouse community.

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Book 2 Reviews

Great Read! Verified Amazon
Love how Carolyn weaves History and Fiction in this 2nd book in her "Sea Crest Lighthouse Series."  Definitely a page-turner & suspenseful at the same time. Hopefully, there is a 3rd book in this series; I can't wait!